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  1. Bob Acker
    04-24-2021 12:53 AM
    Bob Acker
    I'm afraid I sent two PMs Didn't think the first one went thorough.
    Oh well, some day I'll get the hang of this.
    I'm getting about the same results with the 1680 but I believe with the current situation 4227 might be easier to find. I started off using VV N120 but it doesn't work any better than 4227 and its a hell of a lot more expensive.
    Never would have tried 4227 had I not read it in the book. When I run out of things to do I've thought about trying a full case of 4198 as PO suggested.
    The 17 hornet is a really fund cartridge.
    I have a pretty good stash of hornet brass and could spare a little if you are running low. Don't want the varmints to go unmolested.


  2. Bob Acker
    04-24-2021 12:08 AM
    Bob Acker
    Back aways I sent you some info from PO Ackley's book on loading the 17 hornet.
    What did you finally settle on and what kind of velocities and groups are you getting?
    I've been using the 15.5 NTX and 11.2 grs of 4227. Velocities are around 3850 with 5 shot groups averaging around 3/8" and sometimes a little better. Probably would not have tried 4227 were it not for the book
    Thought I'd check and see how you are doing.

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