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  1. Nor Cal Mikie
    05-02-2022 11:32 PM
    Nor Cal Mikie
    $$$ for Fireball dies, Got it!! Thank you and keep well, Mike.
  2. Bill K
    11-23-2020 10:31 PM
    Bill K
    Yes I did. Had my smith rechamber it to a 17 FB. And he is cutting the barrel down now, from the carbine length to 14 in so I will put it on a TC handgun set up. Much better the 17FB over the VHA.
    And I had him also re-chamber a CZ 527 I had in 17 Hornet to 17 FB, as I shoot the FB much more that either of the other two.
    I still have a CZ457 in 17 HMR and I shoot that when I want the smaller 17 on squeeks, etc.
    You will enjoy the 17 FB, shoots very well and All I use is the Hornady 15.5 NTX bullet with either CFE BlK or 4198. Does a fine job, even up to coyote size critters. Bill K ( The funds did arrive, I am guessing, as you showed $$$ in the post/question. Thank you. Bill K
  3. Bill K
    12-22-2017 03:19 PM
    Bill K
    Mike : I am thinking of re-chambering my 17 VHA TC barrel to a 17 Fire ball. Don't shoot the VHA as much now, shoot the 17HMR in the CZ more, it seems.
    And the added punch/range of the Fireball interests me, for a hotter 17 cal. What are your thoughts on that ? I believe you have or did weed out you VHA, right ? Bill K
  4. Bill K
    11-01-2017 03:29 PM
    Bill K
    Mike. If you are in need, until you find one. I could loan you one, til you obtain your own. Bill K
  5. Bill K
    09-02-2014 08:06 PM
    Bill K
    Some what familiar with that area, hunted some archery deer years back in the Booneville area on the Crow family property. And of course have done some bass fishing at Clear Lake. Stop going hunting in that area and Willows/Stoney Ford area, just too darn hot at that time of the year, for me. Bill K

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