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AlbertaAl 10-14-2020 12:33 PM

20PPC w/55gr Berger.... thoughts?
My 12 year old SAKO AI HB single shot 20PPC needs rebarreling.

Intended to build a 20BR to shoot my stock pile of 55gr Bergers but since this SAKO needs a replacement barrel then I thought to explore the possibility of a 20PPC shooting 55gr Bergers

The barrel length would be 24 inch
The accuracy and bullet performance isn't being questioned, just wondering where the velocities might result. Can I get 3550/3600 or more ?

Past performance of this rifle 20Cal x 35 or 40 gr Bergers was limited to 450 yards on coyotes with clean kills. The old Hdy 33 gr. bullet was awesome.

L.Sherm 10-14-2020 01:18 PM

I think it would gall in the 3500-3600 range for speed.
I would keep the freebore short and go 9 twist.

AlbertaAl 10-14-2020 06:34 PM

After posting this I realized myself that staying with the 20BR is best !
I have the original factory 6PPC barrel and will just put that back onto this SAKO AI

L.Sherm 10-14-2020 06:51 PM

There is no doudt the 20BR is the best option.

rfurman24 01-01-2021 08:38 AM

Over 3500 is hot for a 20BR with 55s in a 26". The 20PPC is not going to get there.

RareBear 01-01-2021 11:53 PM

Perhaps a 20 Dasher would have enough case capacity to get there?

L.Sherm 01-02-2021 02:32 AM

20 Dasher and 20BRA will be in the 3750- 3850 range with 55's

AlbertaAl 01-02-2021 03:07 AM

20-250 ?
I've been rethinking the use of 20Cal x 55gr bullets in a repeater tactical sporter style.
I keep looking at the SAKO 85 varminter 22-250 as a donor.
These rifles come in stainless steel with a laminate stock... not exactly a tactical sporter as it stands.
Thoughts are to use the action with bottom metal/magazine. The 22-250 barrel and factory stock will be resold or stored.
These are attractive silky actions with an excellent SET trigger.
I know this will FEED the 20-250 cartridge.

The 22-250 parent cartridge is readily available brass and reducing to 20Cal won't require neck turning.
The case will provide easy resizing with plenty of powder capacity and give the Horse Power to send the 55's down range at high velocities.
I might even make it a 20-250 x 40degree (ackley) since I'm ordering a custom reamer anyway and already have the 22-250 Ackley dies
I'd expect reaching 3900 fps as being very easy to do.

Mntngoat 01-06-2021 04:12 PM

or .20 x 47L

B23 01-06-2021 04:29 PM

With a fast twist 20-250 slinging the 55's likely having a relatively short throat/barrel life I'm not sure I'd want to use up much of it fireforming one to a 20-250AI. Instead maybe neck down ADG 22 Creedmoor brass to make a 20 Creedmoor which would be a near twin but without the fireforming.

When I had my 20-250 built a couple years ago my smith and I figured barrel life would be around 600-ish and with it taking 6+ months just to get a 8tw 20cal Krieger barrel I ordered two barrels right from the start.

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