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livetoshoot 03-19-2014 05:12 AM

Best .20 cal fur bullets
Bought a new rifle in 204 ruger for coyote hunting and misc. wondering what is the best bullet for killing power for DRT kills and for saving fur. i am planning on using 35 gr. varmint bergers or 39 gr. sbk but want some input on how they perform on animals…thanks for your thoughts in advance.

Tim Anderson 03-19-2014 05:53 AM

45 gr. Hornady soft point.

JINGWEED 03-19-2014 06:03 AM

I would have picked the 30 gr. bergers for no exit hole but never tried them on coyotes.

laker 03-19-2014 12:23 PM

Used to use 35 grain bergers in my 204 and they did really well on fur. Usually just a .20 cal entrance and no exit

Furhunter 03-19-2014 01:09 PM

35gr Bergers hands down.

Bayou City Boy 03-19-2014 01:33 PM


Originally Posted by Furhunter (Post 196019)
35gr Bergers hands down.

For the past 5 years or so, these seem to be the people's choice in 20 caliber factory bullets...........


pmg 03-19-2014 02:32 PM

35 bergers
Speaking of 35 bergers I've noticed that the last ones I bought a couple of weeks ago came in an orange box. That box says bc of .176. The older ones I have came in a yellow box and it says bc of .184. I know that's not that big of difference but I was wondering if anything else has changed with them. I haven't shot any of the new ones yet. Thought about calling them just to see.

17varminter 03-19-2014 02:44 PM

Ditto for Coons, foxes and yotes.


Originally Posted by JINGWEED (Post 196010)
I would have picked the 30 gr. bergers for no exit hole but never tried them on coyotes.

Chad 03-19-2014 03:36 PM

I shot a 20 Practical with a 21" barrel some this year. I used 40 grain Bergers at about 3,650 fps. Can't say they are the BEST, but they did a pretty good job for me. I did get some exits on broadside shot, maybe 25%. The exits were all small though and I didn't have to do any sewing. I hit a couple on the fringes that made larger holes, but thats gonna happen no matter the bullet. I only shot 35 or so coyotes this winter with that gun/load, so my opinion could change.

I've got some 35 grain Bergers and 32 grain Nosler Bt's loaded up to try next.

ramos 03-19-2014 03:57 PM

Lots of people on the same Band Wagon. Berger 35gr MHP for me, as well.

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