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K22 03-20-2014 11:44 AM

I'll also agree that the 35gr. Bergers are great. But I am very interested in hearing about the 34gr. Midsouth bullets performance on Coyotes. I've often wondered how well it would perform since it is within 1 grain of the Berger and the Bergers are a Varmint bullet not a Match Target type.
I know BillK and Oleman are not BSer's when it comes to describing Predator experiences, so I'm hoping you guys will post some more on the Midsouth 34gr. bullet.

Oleman 03-20-2014 02:26 PM


Originally Posted by Bill K (Post 196065)
Use the same bullet and never have had a so called splash. Entrance and no exit, head on in chest or broadside into lung cavity. Bill K

Same experience here with shots from 75 feet to 250 yards. In fact to make things interesting my 20 has a one in nine twist. I'd think that would really add to splash factor but it hasn't.

Bayou City Boy 03-20-2014 03:29 PM

Probably not a happy post for everyone, but I know of 2 coyotes shot inside of 40 yards that splashed on ribs both times with the 34 grainers. Not a big issue down here other than both required flow-up shots. Bergers may have done the same at a short distance but I've seen them break ribs and stiil get inside in similar circumstances. I shoot my own hand swaged 38 grain hp's, so my experience is what I've seen and not done. Still I think any hp is a better choice than a plastic tipped bullet. BC doesnt mean diddly at normal hunting ranges in 99% of situations you encounters while hunting and calling. Ymmv....


AlbertaAl 03-20-2014 06:42 PM

20PPC 1:12 shooting Berger 40's @ 3950 fps
Hit a coyote broad-side @ 330 yards and he was so blown up...I wouldn't have even know where to start sewing the skin excpet that he had mange and wasn't a keep'er anyways.
Bergers 35's were much better !

livetoshoot 03-20-2014 06:56 PM

just out of curiosity i was wondering how the 32 gr v-max and similar bullets performance was like, my cousin has a 204 and shoots 32 gr. bullets and he seems to like them just fine but i believe the 35 gr. berger is going to be a better bullet. how destructive is the 32 and 39 gr. sierra blitzkings?

EdKin 03-20-2014 11:29 PM

Don't know about the SBK's but the V-Max can be very fur unfriendly. I shoot 35 Bergers and use V-Max for groundhogs and such.

livetoshoot 03-21-2014 03:57 AM

i have a cousin who shoots the 32 gr. v-max out of his .204R and has very mixed resulted. i have used a 25 gr. berger out of a 17 rem with great success, other than the fact that most coyotes i shoot run 25 to 50 yards about 50% of the time before dying. most of my shots are good shots right where they're supposed to be. always had good results as far as the fur is concerned, no blowups and no exits with one exception with a small coyote i shot real low right behind the shoulder and nearly gutted the poor thing.

Oleman 03-21-2014 04:21 AM


Originally Posted by Bayou City Boy (Post 196112)
BC doesnt mean diddly at normal hunting ranges in 99% of situations you encounters while hunting and calling. Ymmv....


This is good information from BCB!

bburrell 03-22-2014 01:20 AM

My gun really likes the 39 gr.SBK, so that is what I shoot. I much prefer it on longer shots as it carries so much more energy and is flatter shooting than the lighter bullets at distance - 250+ yards. I have a box of 35 gr. bergers I hope to load up this spring some time. That said, most of my coyotes go down pretty hard with the SBK. I had one splash at close range last fall (35 yrds) and the darn thing got away because I didn't want to put another hole in him. I thought he would just walk off a few yards and drop over dead. WRong!!!! that cost me a $50 bounty (Utah). Now I shoot till they drop. I hit another yote at close range high in the back as he was running through the sagebrush and it took a big chunk of spine and hide and scattered it over the surrounding flora. Other than those two experiences, I have had very good success with the 39 gr. SBK ---- very dead with no hide damage.

The 35 gr berger is such that you will be really sacrificing a lot of terminal energy at shots over 250 yards. If you think that most of your shots will be under 250 then it would probably be a very good choice. If you expect to shoot beyond that mark, then you may want to consider the 39 gr. SBK or 40 Gr. Vmax. My disclaimer here is that my opinion of the 35 gr Berger comes from study and experience with other light (32 gr. bullets) but none with the Berger 35.

georgeld 03-22-2014 07:56 PM

Very good reports from all of you.
So far I haven't shot my 20 VT other than a few for
load development to sort out powder charge.
Soon as I'm able I want to get back at it though.
In that thought, it's very good to read these current reports from all over the country.

Shucks, I had a rib splash with a 180gr C/L on a cow elk at 200yds
with my .300Win/m one time. At that range it should have gone thru.
How many million deer n elk have been killed with that same bullet?
Yet I had that one fluke. Heck of it is, my same loads in buddies guns
have done a fine job from 30 feet to over 500 yds w/o another blow up on at least 60 head of elk.

You need to test and compare these things on hundreds, not just a few dozen.
At least that's what I've decided. It does sound like there's been a bunch of coyotes killed with the op's desired bullets.
All comments are appreciated.
Good shootin to all of you.

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