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trotterlg 01-13-2016 03:41 AM

In my past life I had a little to do with MREV testing, they fly straight with no spin and no tumble.

reed1911 01-13-2016 04:38 PM

Larry, what I was getting at was that yes there are designs that are relatively accurate; however what we (varmint shooters) consider accurate is beyond pie plate. Many muzzle loaders shoot fine with smooth bores, however they are not accurate enough. As you decrease the bullet size and/or increase the velocity this becomes amplified. Hence my comment of "it depends on what you consider accurate".

17tbs 01-14-2016 08:54 PM

I don't think that my goal of an 37+ grain bullet is going to happen, I guess I'll just be happy with the 30gr Golds from Todd Kindler which shoot beautifully.

xring 01-18-2016 05:44 PM

Some years back , I heard of a 1000 Yard Benchrest shooter who was making very heavy bullets in 17 Caliber for competing at 1000 Yards in Pennsylvania . I hesitate to say the bullet weight because it sounded incredible . The Bullets were not Lead , and I don't remember the exact details . Maybe someone can calculate what Tungsten Bullets would weigh . Anyway , you might want to search 1000 Yard Gun Clubs in the Williamsport Pa. area , contact them , and try to track down more information .

MIBULLETS 01-18-2016 11:23 PM

It isn't normal bullet design, but if you can shift more weight to the front of the bullet it will not try to swap ends as much with less twist. I have seen where some have had long for caliber bullet stabilize using lighter weight core material in the rear of the jacket and lead in the front.

trotterlg 01-19-2016 02:39 AM

Yes, I know one of the custom makers would put a plastic bead in the jacket under the lead core to get the weight forward. Larry

reed1911 01-19-2016 01:20 PM

Did you ever shoot any? How did they work? I can make the bullets.

MIBULLETS 01-20-2016 01:33 AM


Originally Posted by reed1911 (Post 234262)
Did you ever shoot any? How did they work? I can make the bullets.

I have made a few in 224. They shot ok, but not as well as a all lead cored bullet. However I must say that I didn't make or shoot many or try any different core materials. The balls must be perfectly centered in the jacket and preferably compress into a cylinder, some of the balls have some spring back. Powdered cores would also be worth a try.

reed1911 01-20-2016 03:38 PM

I've made bullets with powdered cores before. W mainly for increased weight in the .17's and .14's without increase in length. More trouble than it is worth for my application. I've thought about the powdered copper/tin but again more trouble than value. The plastic ball idea is interesting to ponder, but again I never saw much value to it, however if there is a clear proof it may be worth a re-consideration.

MIBULLETS 01-20-2016 11:07 PM

I agree with your comments on the powdered metal. I've used the copper/tin before and it can make accurate light for length bullets, but making them in a hand press is time consuming.

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