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Randy Robinett 01-26-2016 03:47 PM


Originally Posted by reed1911 (Post 234262)
Did you ever shoot any? How did they work? I can make the bullets.

Obtain a copy of RIFLE ACCURACY FACTS, by Harold Vaughn. Good shootin'!

reed1911 01-27-2016 06:04 PM

I'll borrow it if anyone has it available.

17tbs 02-11-2016 11:48 PM

Heavy cast .172 bullets.
Someone listened!

Input Data
Caliber: 0.172 in Bullet Weight: 32.0 gr
Bullet Length: 0.559 in Plastic Tip Length: 0.000 in
Muzzle Velocity: 1200.0 ft/s Barrel Twist: 9.0 in
Temperature: 59.0 F Pressure: 29.92 in Hg
Output Data
Stability: 1.390
11-Feb-16 16:27, JBM/jbmstab-5.1.cgi

RIng 04-28-2016 02:33 PM

Hi has any one used this mold . I would be very interested in a light load in my 17 sq. for small game hunting .

Oleman 04-29-2016 04:04 PM

Bore rider
I have not used this mold but I'd suggest a lot harder lead than wheel weights. At a minimum of Lyman Number 2 hardness.

Oleman 04-29-2016 04:08 PM

Bore rider

Originally Posted by Mr Jacket (Post 234064)
I make a 37gr .172 bullet for my 1:71/4 twist 17-222.shoots very well.

Interesting. Would you share your MV and load I cast and will have a 17-222 soon.

17tbs 06-04-2016 04:53 AM

32grain NOE subsonic
Update: The N.O.E. 32grain, it is just fine for even subsonic velocity. It behaves similarly to the 60 grain Aguila SSS. In pure or almost pure lead format, it does this when fired into dry sand at approximately 1000 fps from a 1 turn in 9 inch twist. I also have a 1 turn in 10 inch twist to test with for stability.

Loads 1.2gr 700x to 1.8gr 700x, in 0.2gr steps, they shot just fine, @25yds., velocities of 1006 fps to just below 1300fps. They do deposit a bit of lead in the first few inches of the bore, so these loads require additional attention to bore cleaning. There was absolutely no tumbling with a 1 turn in 9 inch twist for this projectile.

I used the new digital scale to load up nine of these 32.9grain with 1.06 grains of Hi-Skor700X. Fired out of the 18.75" barrel they make a nice straight hole through 8 inches of gelatine after punching through a tin can and still has enough energy for breaking through three inches of packed topsoil. This load sounds quieter than my old 5mm air pistol.

What is strange is that the 1.06 grain powder charge manages to make the rifle kick a tiny bit, but wow is it quiet.

17tbs 08-10-2016 03:34 PM

32 grain NOE medicine
Well, here is the end of one lawn cratering root ripping armadillo.
Range was about 20 feet using a subsonic 1020fps load of 1.10 grain High-Skor 700X under the 32g (32.92 grain actual weight as cast from nearly pure lead). Entry on opposite side, just a tiny hole but blood every where.

hemiallen 08-21-2016 03:21 AM

Why not change to the harder Lyman #2 alloy? I suspect if you have leading in the leade your pressure and accuracy will suffer, vs a harder alloy.

Are you loading them as-cast, or do you have a sizing die?

Looks like a fun project, I need to get back into casting this fall.

Thanks for the update


17tbs 09-18-2016 05:25 AM

Leading is a non issue as it only is fired with these projectiles when there is an armadillo that is causing problems. Three or four rounds a night is max, and I still have plenty of those nearly pure lead projectiles. A harder alloy would be nice and it would allow higher velocities, yet when I want a quiet tool for dispatching armadillos pure lead is hard to beat.

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