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Hi Luke. I live in England and make 30g .17 cal bullets. Unfortunately George is correct Berger/J4 who make the jackets most hand swagers use no longer make the .635 jacket that the 30g bullet was made on. Fortunately there are about 5000 jackets in a J4 bucket and i have about half one left. I think they only make a .560 long jackets in .17 now, that would maybe make you 30g bullet but it would probably have a leadtip. As George says also you can draw .20 or .224 jackets, ihave not tried .20s as they are quite hard to get but have used .224 ones and they work quite well but you do have to trim them to length as well. Bullet making is not for everyone as at times it can wear you elbow out and give you arms like popeye. To make a lead tipped .17 bullet from a .224 jacket takes i think 6/7 cycles of the press.Am in spain on holliday at moment playing hunt the free wifi am back tomorrow if you want to ask anything.
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