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Default Super heavy .172" bore rider.

Has anyone tinkered with the idea of a super heavy .172"?

I copied one from a military ball ammunition example, in 4.6mm (.1815" ) using the Hornady 40gr fmj by turning it down to 4.3mm, or .172 with the front half of the bearing surface at .170".

It looks weird and I don't know if it will stabilize in a 1 in 9 at an estimated 2450fps from the original parent case converted to a .172"x30mm.

I just did it for grins. My 1 in 12 16".25" TC barrel in 223 is supposed to be incapable of stabilization of 69gr hpbt Sierras but it does it anyhow and ignored the calculation putting it at about .83 stab fact.

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