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We are ALWAYS free (at least at this point in time) to VOTE WITH OUR FEET!!
The last time I was told to do this was by a Pres Jimmie Carter Administration Assistant Secretary of Defense who had been telling those of us that were FED UP with the deteriorating state of our military following the Vietnam War, that if we didn't like what Jimmie and the Dems (I was one at that time) were doing we could always VOTE WITH OUR FEET!! At that point I determined to change my plans for a 30+ year military career, and retired with just a little over 20 years (12 as an enlisted Gunner's Mate and 8 as a Chief Warrant Officer). I LOVED my career and consider myself fortunate to have served, BUT sometimes the future and its "unknowns" should NOT be feared, as there are opportunities to be found there as well. And speaking of "voting with our feet", following my retirement from the Navy both my wife and I went to the local City Hall and changed our voter status from registered Democrats to registered Republicans, and have NEVER looked back!!! No regrets here about either decision, BUT if Reagan had been president at that time...I would have stayed for 30+ years no problem. The other decision, however, would NOT have changed as the Democratic party has NOT represented my values since JFK!!! JMHO, Charlie
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