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Originally Posted by Nor Cal Mikie View Post
Just read in our local Bird Cage Liner that the Republicans are the only one griping about splitting California up. The Democrats have it just about the way they want it. The article was only talking about a two way split. Try a three way split with the Coast being the third part. That would put most of the liberals in one area. If they cut it with Sacramento being part of the liberal group, the rest of the state would get by pretty good. If the Central Valley needed water, let them pay for it rather than take what they want without paying or asking for it.

Keep the Mexicans out and who will pick the crops, clean your houses, mow your lawns or work the fast food joints? The Crackers won't? Not as long as they've got their welfare $$ coming in.
Try a little "short hoe" work and see how YOU like it. A little hard work makes you sleep better. But we know there won't be any changes to the welfare system any time soon.

Robots we need robots to pick crops.
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