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Thank you for your advice that you and I agree on. I have hunted all over the west and been successful in many places.

I guess I am a little old fashioned but I consider a 200 yard shot to be long shot and for years I hunted with a 30-06 with 165 grain bullets in an A3 Springfield that I modified while in high school.

That rifle fed my family for years, it is on it's 3rd barrel. I am now a Contender (2) and Encore (1) shooter and have barrels from 5MM Craig, 17HH 204 Ruger on up to 6MM Dasher.

My bolt guns that go from 5MM to .338 Win. I love shooting them and that is why we are moving back to my home state of Wyoming.

I would consider the .223 with a 60-65 bullet to be a 150 yard rifle for me just like most of the rest of my rifles.

It is my ability and health that determine what range I can humanely shoot at. I generally start my hunts in the summer by watch and marking maps where cross over passes or other physical restricting focus game travel.

During hunting season, I then set up before daylight over looking these spots and plan on sitting there all day if I have too.

It has worked very well in every situation except here in Western Washington where I am now. The brush and timber hide many of the travel routes and over looks are hard to located.

Anyway thanks again for the info.

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