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Did you all take a look at the quality brass offered by Lapua?

I think that given the problem with RP primer pockets, we would switch to Lapua if the drive wasnto kick up the velocity an extra bit.

I know that Lapua is spendy, but so is most of shooting, and cases that last over 15 firings might just be worth the extra scratch since they are probably super uniform in dimensions etc.

Just my 2c.

I do have a bunch of the old .221 formed to .17MIV, and a bag or two of the .17FB. I have had a few RP cases with very soft case heads that made me rethink shooting the RP cases altogether. Hopefully Nosler would do better than RP, but that's a moot point if they won't make them.

Try Lapua is what I am saying. What Lapua costs in cash it probably saves you in quality and long case life.
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