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Just measured the bolt and receiver on both rifles. The newer English walnut rifle is larger by this much:
Loading port: .152”
Bolt notch to front of receiver: .170”
Bolt: .230”, but some of the difference is sunk into the receiver ring.
Handle front to rear of locking lugs: .175”
Receiver ring : same
So, barely 1/8”, maybe not worth worrying about. For some reason, the VE would be easier for me to shoot and render it to “fired” condition, perhaps due to its utilitarian configuration???
I also believe the checkering on the VE is slightly finer, as in more LPI.

The English walnut rifle handles so well and just looks so good overall, whereas the VE just has nice features; overall not so much.
Leaning toward the sporter, but now I’m thinking it would be the easier to sell.

The dilemma continues.
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