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Well Matt, I guess that I might be similar to Aaron in the fact that I donít own a 20 VT and never have. That said, Iíd still do one in a heart beat if money was boo an issue. I went with what you might want to call a 20-221 or 20VT Imp.

I have over 60 sets of dies and so custom dies are not a friend to my wallet. At one time I wanted a dedicated set of dies for each Wildcat. Today if I had to back up in time most of my Wildcatís would be on a shared die program. Example and I may have others but off the top of my head-

17&20 Killer Bee (custom but shared)

So a 20 specíd out around a 221FB would interest me. Not sure how much accuracy/performance difference there would be but Iíd probably change it based on my experience with the ones listed. But I couldnít say to never build a 20VT. A guy needs to do what his heart is telling him to do at the time. Or you may regret it.

Iíd love to sell off one of mine. But itís not easy for me to let go of what has been some of my best memories that came from here. Sorry
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