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Ive use a variaty of gases and its all guess work as to how long a full bottle or an almost empty bottle closesr to the flame or further away????
I have a 1/4" drive screwdriver in which i put a very small allen screw driver i stick it up the flash hole and hold it in the flame (just the neck on formed cases but shoulder as well if cases have yet to be fireformed) turning it slowly untill i see a colour change then stick a screwdriver in the neck to remove the smaller holder and put the case base down on a thick metal plate. I have only had 3 split necks in all the rounds i have annealed since i started.
You dont need water its the heating that anneals not the cooling.
Lots of people dont anneal sometimes as many re-loading as 20 from the same case without splits but just do an experiment yourself.
mix up 10 cases 5 of which you have just annealed and 5 of which have had 5 or more re=loads and load the bullet in them and i bet you a pound to a penny you will know exactly which are the softer annealed cases and the harder many tiomes fired cases. its comon sence that a case that hold the bullet tighter cause its hardened will give a different pressure and so velocity than a softer and annealed case.
This is not for case life thou it does help its for consistancy of re-loads any production of the shelf round wiil be annealed the same as every round in that box or batch so thats the standered you are looking for.
Bet i get a few negative comments from this but thats what makes this site the best on the net everybody has slightly different idea,s and we share them.
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