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Originally Posted by csterner View Post
Was it wrong of me to want to see how Lillie's new rifle performed before I paint it pink and wrap it for Christmas?. Got to my farm today after work, bundled up for a cold sit and when I crested the hill I saw a doe and 2 fawns laying in the field I was going to watch. Circled around to get away from the barn and she winded me. She stood up and started walking but stopped just a second too long. At 140-ish yards a 120 gr ballistic tip thru the heart put her down shortly. She only ran maybe 75 yards into the thicket.

I didn't even get a load worked up for the rifle yet. Loaded 5 rounds at the starting load to sight in then loaded 15 test loads working up in charge weight. It has zero recoil. I saw the impact in the scope and my buddy over the ridge never heard the shot. She was 100 pounds on the nose hanging
No, it wasn't wrong. You had to make sure it would work
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