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Originally Posted by Huntschool View Post
I know Kalickfornastan gets big news stuff but here in Illinois we are not much better off...... Lottery, same deal, gun control, well just read about it, and taxes are getting nuts. The Speaker of the House has been in control forever and has built the true "machine" to favor his party. Even though the entire state outside of the Chicago, Peoria, Springfield, etc, areas is solid red, we are over taxed and under represented.....

I have a lot of friends that have retired to other more "friendly" states.
My family ( In laws) just got back from a whirlwind tour of Chicago, Ingraham, Flora, Chester then on to Saint Louis to fly home. We were very surprised at the taxes for purchases, I think 12%, maybe in Chicago. My MIL loved Illinois, and visiting up to her 4th great grandfathers graves in Steeleville, 4th great uncle in Chester, and her 3rd GGFather whom she has his Civil war sword.

Yea, California has a ton of negatives for us Republican-outdoor folks, but ALL of my family live within 15 minutes of each other, which will keep me here to be buried.
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