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I love the targets -- it does shoot. Will you be getting some type of field sights or go to more fancy front and rear sights? I've got a 45-70 Sharps for match shooting many years ago but my eyes can't seem to work with the fancy vernier rear and globe sights these days. Also got a CPA Stevens 40-65 fancy match rifle but have the same problem there but I had scope pads added to take a Unertl scope -- not allowed but at least I can shoot it. My other one is my favorite these days -- the old 71/84 Mauser. I have three -- they are bolt action with tube magazines but again the iron sights are a total loss for me so I figured a way to add a scout scope to my sporterized model and can shoot just a little better than your rifle but at 100 yards using 375gr store bought cast bullets and I use 28gr to 29gr of AA5744 smokless. I'm kind of disabled and one of my problems is my lungs so don't like casting vapors or black powder smoke. With all my small caliber rifles these big old artillery pieces are still my favorites. I wish I could do one in 50 caliber like yours. Maybe some day it might happen.

I'll keep looking for updates and thanks for sharing this project!
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