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Probably not a happy post for everyone, but I know of 2 coyotes shot inside of 40 yards that splashed on ribs both times with the 34 grainers. Not a big issue down here other than both required flow-up shots. Bergers may have done the same at a short distance but I've seen them break ribs and stiil get inside in similar circumstances. I shoot my own hand swaged 38 grain hp's, so my experience is what I've seen and not done. Still I think any hp is a better choice than a plastic tipped bullet. BC doesnt mean diddly at normal hunting ranges in 99% of situations you encounters while hunting and calling. Ymmv....

I DONíT CARE about how rich Donald Trump got when he was running his private business.

I DO CARE about how rich Joe Biden got while he was running the United States government.

Yo no creo en santos que orinan.

Our fathers and grandfathers, as well as their fathers and grandfathers, have gone to war to keep our country safe in times of crisis.
They are asking us to stay at home and sit on the couch to help save our country in this time of crisis. We can handle this.......

Women and cats will do as they please. Men and dogs should relax and just get used to the idea.

Going keyboard postal over something that you read on the internet is like seeing dog crap on the sidewalk and choosing to step in it rather than stepping around it.
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