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My gun really likes the 39 gr.SBK, so that is what I shoot. I much prefer it on longer shots as it carries so much more energy and is flatter shooting than the lighter bullets at distance - 250+ yards. I have a box of 35 gr. bergers I hope to load up this spring some time. That said, most of my coyotes go down pretty hard with the SBK. I had one splash at close range last fall (35 yrds) and the darn thing got away because I didn't want to put another hole in him. I thought he would just walk off a few yards and drop over dead. WRong!!!! that cost me a $50 bounty (Utah). Now I shoot till they drop. I hit another yote at close range high in the back as he was running through the sagebrush and it took a big chunk of spine and hide and scattered it over the surrounding flora. Other than those two experiences, I have had very good success with the 39 gr. SBK ---- very dead with no hide damage.

The 35 gr berger is such that you will be really sacrificing a lot of terminal energy at shots over 250 yards. If you think that most of your shots will be under 250 then it would probably be a very good choice. If you expect to shoot beyond that mark, then you may want to consider the 39 gr. SBK or 40 Gr. Vmax. My disclaimer here is that my opinion of the 35 gr Berger comes from study and experience with other light (32 gr. bullets) but none with the Berger 35.

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