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Very good reports from all of you.
So far I haven't shot my 20 VT other than a few for
load development to sort out powder charge.
Soon as I'm able I want to get back at it though.
In that thought, it's very good to read these current reports from all over the country.

Shucks, I had a rib splash with a 180gr C/L on a cow elk at 200yds
with my .300Win/m one time. At that range it should have gone thru.
How many million deer n elk have been killed with that same bullet?
Yet I had that one fluke. Heck of it is, my same loads in buddies guns
have done a fine job from 30 feet to over 500 yds w/o another blow up on at least 60 head of elk.

You need to test and compare these things on hundreds, not just a few dozen.
At least that's what I've decided. It does sound like there's been a bunch of coyotes killed with the op's desired bullets.
All comments are appreciated.
Good shootin to all of you.

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