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Originally Posted by obijohn View Post
Gotta wonder if a .17 Mach II would be a worthwhile rebarrel for a 591. I'd think they'd work either with the factory 5mm mags, or with a factory 541/581 .22 LR mag.

Also, wouldn't it be easy to start with, say, a CZ 527 mag, and then make it work with the rifle?

Or, you could use the .22 CCM case and create a CF variant of the .17 HMR... then you could use a factory mag.

ADDED: I still am impressed by the work that has gone into this.
All possibilities for sure. I just had the barrel already from the 5mm cf project so I wanted to use that. I tossed the idea around of buying different mags and making them work but feel like I spent enough of dies, brass and other crap so I didn't want to buy a bunch of mags that I could maybe make work.

I have a couple 5mms with Schroeder and Craig's conversions but have them both shooting rimfire right now because even the cf variant case doesn't work in the factory 5mm magazine.
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