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In my span, I have only seen two 54 hornets for sale. Both were Unertl scoped. Both were standard weight barrels FWIW. With that said, dreams come on.....

Richard's microfit offers a marksman styled stock semi inletted in straight woods or laminates. Other outfits do as well.

The trigger on the 54 is somewhat vintage compared to later models, but that is the way they was, and are now. One would suspect a double set trigger could be adapted if so desired. The weight of the rifle will help with the heavier trigger in my opinion.

Back in the day, Winchester rifles, especially the 70 could be ordered as target models or bull models. Target models could be any caliber you could think of. One would suspect that the target model is around 0.7 pr 0.75 at 26". The bull is I believe 1" at 28". A Shilen #5(0.7") or # 5.5(0.75") might be considered if wanting a contoured barrel. A Shilen #6 is straight tapered down to 0.75".

Some research into the vintage rifle specs will help it to look like vintage. Books and literature, net is all out there for the gleaning of info.

If the rifle is going to be a target type vintage wise, then the Unertl is going to be the ticket. May cost now as much as the rifle and its work but there is something about them..........

I have a pre64 model 70 hornet, a 17 Hornet extra barrel is the ticket for some, a switch barrel affair. I missed out on the two 54's, hence the 70 now residing here.

sounds like a fun project, do a bit of planning/research before charging off, tis part of the fun.
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