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I really like IMI brass, it's about all I use in my .20 and .17 Tactical. I tried Lake City at first but it would loosen primer pockets with velocities I get great case life out of using IMI. I formed one batch of Lapua brass to .20 Tac before it came out from Dakota and worked up to the exact same load that got the exact same velocity as my IMI brass. Not saying the IMI is as good a brass as Lapua because IMO it isn't but the fact I could interchange them was interesting to me at least .
When the IMI brass dried up a buddy and I went so far as to buy loaded IMI ammo at Wideners and broke it down for the brass, at that time it ended up about .35 cents a case. For what it's worth Wideners currently had loaded IMI ammo for sale, a guy can shoot it in his AR and end up with the brass as a bonus (at least they had it a month or so back when I bought some). I think the 62 grain stuff has a price on it of $550.00 for 1200 I believe or about .46 cents a case after ya practice with it at the range, you can also buy it for $14.75ish a box of 30 for smaller quantities. Ya do of course need to swage the primer pockets on the loaded ammo brass.
I too weight segregate my brass for what that's worth.
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