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Default 17 cast bullet reloading 40 yrs ago

I made a casting set up yrs ago. The mold a cut with a reamer made from a high speed 3/16 in. end mill gound down to size. This bullet came out at 22.5 grs and I used 2 grs. bullseye powder . I used this bullet in a 17 Ack Bee on a Martini. I had the wrong twist of barrel , so didn't get to see how accurate it would group. If I had a 1/16 twist barrel it probably would have worked OK. The casting came out .002 oversize and then I forced them thru a grease die and then into the final sizer. I wanted to have a squirrel shell to use when in the woods. I would part with this set up if someone would like to try it.

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