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If that 90g is the Sierra GameKing, It is a great bullet for deer. I take it you have slower twist barrel? If you can handle a longer (heavier) bullet, The 117g GK is good too. You should also be able to handle the 100g SPT GK it is just a tad longer than the 90g.

Speer 100g BT SP is a good (cheap) bullet that works well.

For overall Deer, I honestly have never see much of a reason to use anything more than the old (but good) 100g CLSP from Remington. They are in short supply right now, but they do a good job.

I assume you are shooting the .257 Bob (Roberts). That little 1/4 bore is a wonderful cross caliber for both medium game and varmints. You have a wonderful array of bullets suitable for both types.
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