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Originally Posted by reed1911 View Post
If that 90g is the Sierra GameKing, It is a great bullet for deer. I take it you have slower twist barrel? If you can handle a longer (heavier) bullet, The 117g GK is good too. You should also be able to handle the 100g SPT GK it is just a tad longer than the 90g.

Speer 100g BT SP is a good (cheap) bullet that works well.

For overall Deer, I honestly have never see much of a reason to use anything more than the old (but good) 100g CLSP from Remington. They are in short supply right now, but they do a good job.

I assume you are shooting the .257 Bob (Roberts). That little 1/4 bore is a wonderful cross caliber for both medium game and varmints. You have a wonderful array of bullets suitable for both types.
Hi Ron,
No, not a Bob, it's a 25-45 Sharps. Brux barrel in a Rem.700 action.
I need (To be deer legal in England) 1700 ft lbs, and those are the only two bullets weights i can reach it with.
Shot a Fallow deer (Lung) at 183 yards three weeks ago with the 87 Hot-Cor. Fell where it stood and kicked a bit and died, but I couldn't see the entrance hole and the ribs on the far side were smashed in a 2 1/2" diameter circle, but the bullet didn't come through the skin and wasn't found. Would have been no blood trail had it run.
I won't get many shots at deer and was hoping someone had used both bullets and could say 'Use this one, not that one'
The 90 is the GameKing and the 87 is Sierra Hot-Cor.
Thanks for your reply.Ken.
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