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Originally Posted by 20VarTarg View Post
I know nothing about how to read a reamer print. I do have a factory Cooper Model 38 in 20 VarTarg that will run Lapua brass with no alteration. My cousin also has a factory Cooper Model 38 that will not run Lapua Brass. His chamber is tight toward the rim of the case. Has nothing to do with the neck diameter. That's as much help as I can give regarding the reamer print. What twist barrel are you going to be using??? My 12 twist will not shoot a 40 grain bullet worth a darn. I'd suggest a 10 or 11 twist if you plan to shoot any 40 grain bullets. Just my $0.02
The early 20 vartarg reamer dimensions had a smaller diameter at th .200 line which caused that issue. This one is larger at the 0.200 line and is for Lapua.

I’m trying to decide between 10 or 11 twist. Probably what I can find in stock.
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