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Old 10-05-2013, 05:18 PM
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Question 17vha 4.6x30mm switch barrel build.

17VHA bolt action Sako L46, Savage 342, any others? I am looking for the lightest multilug bolt design suitable for a hornet length case, not a 223 case, something very short. The goal here is to build the lightest pack rifle possible. I have thouht of using my old original Contender frame, but I really want a repeater.

Does anyone know of some old dedicated hornet length actions? Any help would be .
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Old 10-05-2013, 05:48 PM
william t. oviatt william t. oviatt is offline
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I know you said "not a 223", but have you looked at the 22TCM cartridge.
They are coming out with a small bolt action that uses the 1911 Magazines or a stock five shot. The 223 bolt face opens up a lot options on light rifles....if you wanted a semi-custom...
The case is 12-14 grains (AA1680) right in the Hornet capacity and bullet performance/options.
Just an idea...

Link to pics of 22TCM Rifle:

The other Out of the Box solution would be a 17HH CZ 527....
"Burn Powder, Not Comrades"!

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Old 10-05-2013, 07:33 PM
17tbs 17tbs is offline
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No I have not considered the 22 TCM, I have committed myself to the 4.6 by 30 millimeter, a 4.6 millimeter barrel is headed my way and a 17 caliber barrel to match identically profiled, weight about 1.06 lb each with a flash hider at a 16.25" length. Most of all it needs to be able to take the 22 hornet cartridge bolt face size, or if HK would sell the bolt head to the 4.6x30mm MP7 PDW then my question would be solved.

I am looking at 500 loaded 4.6x30mm on my desk right now with a full 2k 40g fmj.. hence why I am sticking to the parent ctg. The other reason I am using this ctg, is it is way stronger than the 5.7x28mm, and I found a source of brass

* * CIP SPECIFICATIONS: Type: Personal defense weapon Date of Origin: 2001 Case Type: Rimless, Bottleneck Neck Diameter: .209 in (5.31mm) Shoulder Diameter: .305 in (7.55mm) Base Diameter: .316 in (8.02mm) Rim Diameter: .315in (8.00mm) Rim Thickness: .043 in (1.10mm) Case Length: 1.201 in (30.50mm) Primer Type: Small Pistol Max Pressure: 58,000 psi (400 mpa)

email: 5757 WEST CUSTER STREET MANITOWOC, WI 54221 Phone: 1.920.682.4633 Toll Free: 1.888.337.7853 FAX: 1.920.682.6002

Plus it is a much more accurate case for loading lower velocity (read much longer barrel life) loads, 2800fps 30gr berger .172 match, or 3800+fps 17gr vmax or gsc pils.

The blame for all my commitment to the ctg can go on M. McPherson's shoulders. : grin:

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Old 10-05-2013, 08:40 PM
Waskawood Waskawood is offline
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I know PT&G makes a bolt for Savages and Remingtons that will fit the 4.6x30 bolt face. Not sure if they make it for other brands. If you are looking for new unloaded brass Bowfisher here on this form has very reasonable prices. \I know another guy here has modifyed a Sako and an AR for the 4.6x30 brass. They may chime in.
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17vha, 4.6x30mm, pack rifle, switch barrel

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