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Old 11-08-2019, 09:56 AM
montdoug montdoug is offline
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Default Some a you lucky fellas know Greg Tannel. He sent me a couple vids of his elk hunt.

Greg sent me an email with a couple a videos a guy took of his elk hunt, nice bull! Now, if only I can figure how to take em off an email and stick em on a thread posting so the rest a you fellas can see em.
If any of you computer whizz guys can PM me I think a lot of ya would find this most interesting.
If all my computer knowledge was Blue Dot powder I couldn't blow my nose with it .
I'm thinking I need some kind a photo host, I got Photobucket and IMGR but "no joy", probably doing it wrong. Ideas?
"Shoot safe!!"
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Old 11-08-2019, 04:32 PM
Jordan Jordan is offline
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I've seen the vids and Mountdog speaks truth! Second shot was a heart shot from about 450 yards. You can see the vapor trail following the bullet right into the elk's chest.
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Old 11-09-2019, 03:17 AM
rickiesrevenge rickiesrevenge is online now
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You could put them on YouTube.
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Old 11-09-2019, 05:23 AM
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PM: TO Doug, hey guy, I was told a long time ago:

"IF it hurts, you're doing it wrong!"

Glad he got a bull.

"Gun Control is NOT about guns,
it's about CONTROL!!"
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