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Old 03-17-2014, 06:28 PM
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thanks everyone for the advice and input. quick question, has anyone tried n-135 in any of there 204r?
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Old 03-22-2014, 03:13 PM
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Repost of an old one I did. Hope it helps.

Thought I would update this post with yesterdays results and make it easier to find. Loads tested over two sessions:

8208, in Hornady weight sorted brass (which it badly needs as there was just under 13 grains variation in the 150 cases I started with), CCI 400 primer, Gun - Rem 700 SPS, 22" light sporter floated barrel in the factory stock with glass bedding. Action has been trued, lugs lapped and trigger done. Bushnell 6x24x40 scope.

All groups are edge to edge, not deducting bullet diameter. Max deviation = highest velocity - lowest velocity. Beautiful sunny day. Temperature both days minus 10 C. Almost zero wind. All targets 100 yards.

35 grain Berger at 2.350 LOA.

27.6 grains 3804 FPS max deviation 19 fps. Average of groups .75

27.9 grains 3883 FPS max deviation 46 fps. Average of groups .325

28.2 grains 3950 FPS max deviation 22 fps. Average of groups .410

40 Grain Nosler at 2.40 LOA, rest of the recipe is the same.

27.3 grains 3855 FPS max deviation 6 fps. Average of groups .310

39 grain Blitzking at 2.40 LOA, again the rest of the recipe is the same.

27.3 grains 3792 FPS max deviation 102 fps. Average of groups .925

40 Grain V-max LOA 2.390

26.5 grains 3735 FPS, max deviation 32 fps. Averagge of groups .320

26.7 grains 3764 FPS, max deviation 31 fps. Average of groups .520

27.3 grains 3865 FPS, max deviation 28 fps. Average of groups .365

Both the Bergers and the Noslers grouped well with virtually no load development. The Sierra BKs would need more work.

I am very happy with both the speed, consistency and accurracy of the 8208 loads, and none of them are showing pressure signs. Since I hhave quite a bit of this powder I believe I will stick to it for now. I plan to retest the max loads this summer to check for temp sensitivity by looking at changes in speed/pressure.

The Hornadays are the least expensive, best B.C. and my favourite bullet. The 40 grain V-maxs shot as well as the best of the others, are much cheaper and have great terminal effect so this is the bullet I will be using.
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.204 ruger, coal, data., load

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