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Old 03-10-2023, 03:02 PM
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A very long time ago I worked for KDF. (late 80's) We test fired all guns we installed muzzle brakes on. Some barrels, usually lighter ones would experience small group shift, but not 7 inches.

We tested other makers brakes. All worked, some better than others. Avoid those with holes pointing backwards. They reduce recoil the most but are hazardous to shoot.

The problems seen on others makers brakes were threads not concentric with bore and or exterior.

Trying to stay just short of exposing "trade secrets" our muzzle brake threads, bores and exteriors were made so all were concentric. We promoted that.

We also had a specific set of piloted reamers for specific calibers.

When we sold licensing to sell and install our Muzzle brake we included all the necessary tooling. One of the last step of installing our muzzle brakes was to check alignment with a range rod.

My first day working for KDF I had to fill in for the Range guy who was on vacation. In the rack for testing was 15-20 Weatherby rifles in 300 Weatherby Magnum. These guns had to be test fired before being sent back to Weatherby.

If you have ever fired a .300 Weatherby Mag you know it can be brutal on both ends. Imagine firing 3 rounds from each of 15 or 20 in one sitting. I got all that shooting down by noon and was convinced muzzle brakes work.

We also learned that muzzle brakes are not louder. The Muzzle brake redirects the sound to the side instead of down range. Sound measurements taken from the front without a muzzle brake were about the same as measurements take from the side with a muzzle brake.

If you have a muzzle brake and are shooting on a range, move away from people and warn them.
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