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Old 03-18-2023, 08:02 PM
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Default Unscrupulous seller on GB trying to pass off a Savage 325c magazine as a Model 43 mag


I contacted him to let him know and got this response: You think what you want ok I have triple k and they’re aftermarket and I have vintage clips and I know the difference.

Is there a way to report this type of scoundrel or is he free to prey on those who are not sure what they need to make their rifle work?
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Old 03-19-2023, 12:38 PM
JSH JSH is offline
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Dunno what you can do about it.
I wouldn’t want to start searching for them on GB, way more than one of them.
I have seen a lot of items that were not what was advertised. Pretty sure GB will say it is up to the buyer to decide if the want it or not.

On the other hand, I bid on a rifle a couple of years ago. Seller would not give me more than “advertisement” copies of pictures. I bid at their low starting bid with no intention of it selling for the price, under wholesale by $250-300. It was a long auction, I had forgotten about it, got a notification I won. Oh well was a deal, great deal actually.
Rifle arrived. It was NOTHING like they advertised! Premier model, adjustable stock and carbon fiber barrel. And no I did not feel bad and send them the funds they missed out on because of their ill dealings.
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Old 03-19-2023, 02:51 PM
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Default purchases on GB

There are more than a few questionable sellers on GB. I purchased a Savage 99 in 250 300 and a Sako l61R in 7 MM remington mag last year off of GB. I specifically asked on the savage about the bore condition and received the answer that "my buddy says that it is good and I have to believe him." Me being the trusting soul that I am did not scope the bore until much later when the weather cleared and I was able to shoot it. Accuracy was terrible so I scoped the bore there was numerous pits and corrasion. I contacted the seller and was told that he was not aware of the issue but his buddy had a load that shot real well. That load does shoot pretty well but does not fix the pitting and corrasion issue.
The Sako is immaculate on the exterior, as new. The same circumstances apply.
When it scattered cup and core bullets all over the target I scoped the bore and found the same issue. Enough time had elapsed that the seller stated that he had no record of the transaction. I still had all of the information on GB. He refused to make any accommodation.
I guess the moral of the lesson is to do a thorough inspection before the transfer.
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Old 03-19-2023, 04:53 PM
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No defense inferred but some of these vendors have employees or others who make mistakes and post the wrong photos. Have bought and sold rifles on GB and learned not to purchase known barrel burners and always those that have a three day inspection period.
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Old 03-20-2023, 12:33 AM
JDHasty JDHasty is offline
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He got real nasty with me. Sent me PMs accusing me of harassing him after I reported it to GB. Boy, it takes all kinds.
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Old 03-20-2023, 05:26 AM
georgeld georgeld is offline
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JD; what more proof do you need now that the guy is a crook?

I bought a shotgun deep taper reamer I think on Amazon,
or ebay. price was right.

Obvious in the picture it had a chip on one flute. I pointed it out.
he said: "At first I thought URFS! then looked and sure thing it does have a chip. "IF you want it for $25 less I will send it and give you 3 days inspection-".

Ok, got it and it had been broken in half!!!!!!! and glued back together quite well. I marked it with a felt tip and sent it back. Oh yeah, the denial and mouth you should have heard where you are.

"I am sending it back and stopped payment on my card, filed a complaint with amazon--" THAT got his attention!
Funny, he refunded the full cost including postage and an extra $10 even before he rec'd it back.

I don't recall the full deal now. They refunded $10 more than the total charge was. I mailed a check for the $10 with a note: "I'm refunding your extra $10 to show I'm not such a hard ass after all, just want to be dealt with fairly". He even sent a thank you card for that.

Amazing sometimes.

"Gun Control is NOT about guns,
it's about CONTROL!!"

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