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Old 12-10-2020, 01:38 AM
killnstick killnstick is offline
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Default CZ 22H ream to 22K

Looking for recommendations for a quality gunsmith who works on CZ rifles to ream a 22 hornet chamber to a 22k hornet. Thanks for any information.
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Old 12-10-2020, 01:48 AM
Johnly Johnly is offline
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I have a 22KH reamer you can use for the cost of shipping.
You can ask Doug how well it worked on his rifle.
I had a good experience with Kevin Riddley 503-930-5160 who is the Salem area.
Based on the throat length I saw on my friends 527, I'd have the barrel set back a turn when it was re-chambered.
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Old 12-10-2020, 11:28 AM
killnstick killnstick is offline
Join Date: Aug 2013
Location: NE Oregon
Posts: 35
Default 22 hornet ream to 22k

Thanks for the info, will keep in the back of my mind.
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Old 12-11-2020, 09:26 PM
montdoug montdoug is offline
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I was fortunate to discover in a Sporting goods store over North of Missoula a CZ I never knew they made, a short run of 527 Hornet's in English Walnut stocks, Who knew? Not eye popping English but a real nice looking stick in my eyes anyway. I owned it about 45 seconds after my discovery.
I had several Hornets and I wanted to K it, Johnly was nice enough to loan me his reamer and the rifle got reamed, bedded (probably didn't need that step but did it anyway), crowned it and tweaked the trigger to break at 1LB set and 2LB unset. Shoots like crazy. Scope has subtended hash marks under the center X. This picture cut off the top three shot group which was just like these two, everything touching, right on the line, couldn't get em all in on this pic and can't find the pic where I did. All were fired with the subtended lines at the same place where the black lines cross. The left and right of the line was all me .

First shot at a living varmint at 225ish yards as my crappy memory serves, shot a lot since. I like this rifle a great deal. I never tweaked the magazine to fit a .22 K so I use a Calhoon single shot follower. Picked up probably 250ish FPS over the standard .22 Hornet. Great reamer, fired cases come out of the chamber rolling zero's on a concentricity gauge. That's my experience anyway .

"Shoot safe!!"
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