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Old 02-26-2012, 02:27 PM
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Good to hear that Bob survived this incident . George , I sure hope that 3 or 4 year old reloaded Ammo is still OK , and if I ever get a chance to hit the Pdog Fields again , I will Test Fire my 4 year old 223 stuff just in case . I have heard some say that you should set the Seater 0.002 Deeper or so and run all old Ammo thru it just to break any case/bullet bonding and that this will ensure better Accuracy . I've Tested my few years old Reloaded Ammo , and Accuracy was not degraded at all at the 3 year old point . I'm also lucky in that my best Accuracy in all but one case was at least 1 Grain below published Max . I do remember one such event with a 244 and a Rem 722 when I was a kid and Reload with IMR 4350 ( maybe it was 4320 ) . Anyway I got some blow-back with the first shot , and dumped all the rest of that Powder which I think was stored where the Temperature could go up to 90 or so . I don't know how good these new Optical Acrylic Lenses are today , so I think I will swtich to my heavy duty Industrial Safety Glasses I used in work , many years ago .
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Old 02-27-2012, 04:24 AM
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A way back about 1960-2 one of my late uncle's gave me about 25-30 rnds of WWI
steel RN 240gr shells that could possibly have even been the "original 1903 ammo" prior to "06 even. No trace of them now to inspect and I wasn't aware of that stuff in those days as a D/a'd kid.

Anyway, they'd been left in an open tin tobacco can under his work bench for many years in an unheated "cinder block" garage. I took 'em out and started busting huge shale rocks in piece's with 'em until one didn't fire, it just "hissed" out the vent hole.
Bullet was stuck about 2/3's up the bore. Gunsmith used an electric hammer on it from the muzzle end for several hour long sessions he said. "hammered on it until the hammer got too hot each time". Had given up on it several times and thought he'd call to tell me the barrel was junked but, gave it one last try and it moved a little bit so he kept at it til it came out.

After quite a lecture about such things and others concerning guns n ammo I paid him $10 and left. That was tough as I'd only paid $15 for the rifle packed in cosmoline.
anyway, no harm done to me nor the gun and I'm still shooting it now as a .300WinM.
Still has the same barrel on it as then and will put 'em all within an inch at 200yds with 200gr Sierra Game Kings. The bore is so smooth you've got to look close to see the rifling. As long as it still shoots that well, it won't be replaced. I can put 'em all on a typing page at 300yds. For me, that's pretty decent shooting considering my eye's and the age of the gun: 1919, it's '17 Enfield, Eddystone.

"Gun Control is NOT about guns,
it's about CONTROL!!"

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Old 01-27-2013, 06:54 AM
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Default What's the going price for an eye?

Ho-kay, what am I bid for one slightly used left eye? It's good as new, and baby blue. (You brown-eyes might wait until another comes up for sale.) The reserve on this sale is set at a very reasonable $3500, as that is my cost of a replacement. Remember, Folks this is a Left eye only, custom fitted and custom painted by a well known anatomical artist. What am I bid? Starting at $3500 ....

You need a Right eye, you say? What is my 'selling' price? I'll tell you. Come at night. Bring lots of friends. And bring lots of body bags, because you're gonna need them. You see, when I lost my "spare eye", the price, the value of my remaining (right) eye shot upward like a homesick angel.

If I had 2 eyes and it were possible, would I consent to give my "spare" eye to anyone who had none? The distinct forms of nature and 3-dimensionality of the world are forever lost to me. Trees look like Matisse paintings, blotches without depth. It is a foolish question. Give my spare to someone who is blind? I wouldn't even blink, but rather seize, with a death-grip, such an opportunity to give something so ... priceless, and never look back. But in a single blinding (groan!) flash, a foolish blunder took out my spare eye, rendering my one remaining eye ... forever priceless. (Yet, I still might consider giving it to a younger person.)

I still love things that go fast, make noise, and blow up. Just remember; losing one eye is but a mild inconvenience, a minor nuisance. But losing two eyes is just about as easy as losing one. Don't be afraid of living; just be careful. And be wise.

Now, about that 17 Fireball I'm building....
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Old 01-27-2013, 10:59 AM
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Glad your ok Bob.Always wear shooting glasses ,no exceptions.I didn't learn till recently that Cooper actions will blow back into your face,unlike Remington actions.
Last summer I blew 5 primers out of a box of 50,243AI on a PD shoot.Pulled about 250 bullets when I got home,to find 6-7 that were over by 3 grains.Loaded before i got my electronic dispensor.The drum type Hornady threw consistand loads,so I STOPPED CHECKING EVERY 5TH LOAD.BIG Mistake!
The rem action expelled the gasses out the side vents as designed.Yook a small brass hammer to open the bolt.
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Old 01-27-2013, 12:11 PM
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I thought that about Rem bolts... until I got a faceful of gas and other bits that hurt when a primer blew.
Did some research and found someone describing how and where to drill a hole in the bottom of a Rem bolt to prevent gasface, if things don't go to plan, for whatever reason.
" Pay it forward buddy"
Get up each morning and donít let the old man in.
(Clint Eastwood).
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Old 01-06-2014, 06:43 PM
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Thanks for this post. Being new to the site I really appreciate it. I am about to do some loading for a 17-222 on a Sako L461 action. This really reinforced the need for caution.
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Old 01-10-2015, 11:38 AM
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If you are a beginner, READ THE RELOADING MANUAL'S INTRODUCTION TO RELOADING AMMUNITION......THEN PROCEED WITH CAUTION..!! If you are experienced in reloading ammunition, "ALL LOAD DATA" tells you to USE CAUTION, & to REDUCE MAX. LOAD'S SHOWN BY 10%..!! Start with the "STARTING LOAD" & "SLOWLY WORK UP". Small caliber's are "VERY SENSITIVE" to small powder increases, there is a reason why load data shows a .2 tenths increase in powder..!! "READ THE SIGNS", my experience has taught me that SOMETIMES you may experience "Sticky Bolt Lift", BEFORE you see the pressure signs on the primer, SOMETIMES you will see the pressure signs on the primer first. Load Data shows you "THE PRIMERS THEY USED", here again, ALL LOAD DATA tells you "IF YOU SUBSTITUTE ANYTHING" (use) a different primer, bullet, or change the C.O.A.L. REDUCE YOUR STARTING LOAD.....the load data was developed with the components they used, combined with the C.O.A.L. ALSO EACH GUN/RIFLE is different, what works well in my rifle, may be HOT in your rifle..!! Different brands of primers have different "Heat Ranges", & different "Primer Cup Hardness", so the primer you are using may have a "Hard Primer Cup" you may feel "Sticky Bolt Lift" BEFORE you see the pressure signs on the primer. I'm glad you were at least wearing safety glasses, you could have lost an eye, or both of them..!! A lesson you will never forget..!!
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