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Originally Posted by Tackdriver View Post
I've been working on some load development for a new 22-250 I have with 80gr ELD bullets. Using H-4350 I've stumbled onto a group at 34.1gr that is 0.25 MOA. But when I bump up to 36.5gr I can get a 0.75 group. Would you rather go with the small group and account for the additional bullet drop in the field? Or, being a 22-250, would you keep working towards a faster load?
In a 22-250 I did a load work up for the 80 ELD 34 grains of H4350 produced 3000 fps in a 24 bbl at 58K pressure and 36 grs 3150 fps at 64K pressure.

Seating depth adjustment should tune the 36.5 grain load right in although it might already be compressed and you will be left with only being able to adjust longer which is not a bad thing. H4350 is the perfect powder for the 80 ELD IMO.

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