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Old 04-26-2019, 05:38 PM
tred1956 tred1956 is online now
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Default Not A Small Bore But A Project No Less

Went to the PO and lo and behold. A grin came across my face. Couldn't wait to get home and put it together. The gun is a Factory Unaltered AA easy open frame with a factory unaltered AA 357 Max 10 " barrel. It wears a Wanre 4 hole, weaver style base, with Burris Signature rings and a Brand New Bushnell Elite 2-6X 32mm matte black Handgun Scope. The furniture is from High Plains and features a Pegasus Grip (been wanting to try one of these for years) and 2" wide flat bottom target forearm in Saphire Laminate. I think the purple pops with the AA frame. Have 200 rounds of Remington 357 Max brass and will start load development shortly. Have some AA1680 I am going to play with.
Thanks for reading and feel free to offer any "Pert Load" you might have. I have some 125,140,158, and 180 grain JHP to experiment with.
Thanks for reading and any and all input is welcome

Enjoy life but remember, we are only practicing for something better.
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Old 04-26-2019, 07:24 PM
Gary in Illinois Gary in Illinois is offline
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Default Very nice

Good looking handgun in a great cartridge!
Good shooting!


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Old 04-26-2019, 07:33 PM
Bill K Bill K is offline
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Doug: Good looking handgun and they say the 357 Max is one fine cartridge. Very nice wood on the stock/s. Bill K
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Old 04-26-2019, 11:28 PM
TinMan TinMan is offline
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About 20 years ago, a buddy had a 357 Max in a Ruger No.1. It was need, but he quickly traded it off for something he wanted better before I even shot it. I do remember he was using AA1680 and 158gr XTP bullets.

FYI, I have shot a bunch of 357 Mag in both revolvers and lever guns, and I have found the 158gr to be much more accurate than the lighter bullets.
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