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Old 11-28-2023, 11:24 AM
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Default 22 K Hornet Load

Hi all,
After a long load development journey I reckon I have finally settled on a load
Thatís accurate and hard hitting.
I have recently had my Brno ZKW 465 re chambered to the K, the load that is now consistently grouping about .7 is 11.8 gns of AR2205 (4227) under a 40gn Nosler BT, and small pistol primers, PPU brass (annealed) and only use neck die (RCBS). Took out this morning and took 2 Hares (Jackrabbit) one at about 110 yds other 80 yds, and real terminal damage!
I had tried 5 other projectile/powder combos before!
* not sure how to attach pics!?
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