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Old 03-02-2024, 07:54 PM
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Default Ntx

Originally Posted by foxhunter View Post
mine liked the 35 gr vmax bullets, you might try some of the new lesd free vmax bullets in 35 gr . ntx
My Ruger # 3 (12 twist) shots the 35 NTX extremely well.
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Calhoon's 30 grain work well in my Ruger K Hornet....about 1/2 MOA.
Rick M.
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You might give some of the Varmint nightmare or Dog town bullets a try.
Standard cup and core and made by Nosler, but sold under that names to MidwayUSA and Midsouth Shooters. They work very well in 17, 20 , 224 cartridges, good prices.
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