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Old 02-28-2024, 10:29 PM
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Originally Posted by barretcreek View Post
Is the brass durable? Read three or four firings then toss it.
When I was using it in the 17VHA, like mentioned in previous post. I had upwards of 10 or more reloads with the brass. Just don't push heavy/max loads and anneal the case, which I did, about every 3-4 reloads.
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Old 03-02-2024, 08:23 PM
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A few years back I wanted an 18 cal bolt action rifle.
Planned on an 18 Fireball.
I think it was Dan Lilja that was making barrels for arms companies making machine pistols etc. He said he’d never made a rifle length barrel blank but he’d give it a go, it with no accuracy guarantee.
Yes please said I and he made one for me.
Got Dave Manson to grind me a chamber reamer off 17 FB cases necked up to 18.
Hornady were making the bullets for 4.6x 30 factory ammo and they agreed to sell me a few hundred.
With a bit of help from George L we got the stuff back to the UK.
And here it languished. Never did get it built into a rifle.
" Pay it forward buddy"
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