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Old 10-13-2017, 02:36 AM
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Default Cooper .17 Remington f/s

I have a cooper Phoenix model 51 (repeater) chambered in .17 Remington for sale. It is at t/s custom rifles getting a 9 twist Lilja stainless steel varmit contour barrel at 25” with a zero freebore reamer put on it right now. The barrel and action will be cericoated and it will have flush mount sling swivels on the side of the stock. The factory 10 twist barrel only had about 5-600 rounds through it. I will be selling about 4-500 Remington full length sized, trimmed and primed with cci br4 primers brass and about 250-300 once fired nosler brass with the gun. It will also come with 100 30gr cup base and 200 30gr rbbt blackhole Bullets and 200 Nagel nt-000 30gr bullets and 100 reeds 30gr vld Bullets. Two setts of full length dies and seater dies. (Hornady and rcbs). The rifle should be done within a month. I’m asking $3500 shipped from individual to ffl for the whole works. It is a very nice rifle and I will get you pics when I get the gun back from the smith.

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