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Old 07-07-2017, 10:14 PM
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Default Question about 223 boltface..opening up for 224 Weatheby Mag...

Does anyone here have any experience opening a 223 boltface up to handle a 224 Weatherby Mag?

The platform will be a 6 lug Mark V, currently a 223 Super Varmint Master. Wondering if anyone has had any dealings with doing such work...?
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Old 07-08-2017, 01:57 AM
dungheap dungheap is offline
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Have you had any experience with overbore cartridges? If you can lay your hands on P.O. Ackley's books, he has written about this condition. In addition to bolt face concerns, what about magazine modifications?

If I were out to do such a thing, I'd get measurements from your .223 bolt and any Weatherby Magnum bolt. If they're the same diameter, then what you're out to do is probably do-able, albeit crazy IMO.
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Old 07-10-2017, 12:21 AM
kolineman kolineman is offline
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Default Overbore...

Yes, I am familiar with overbore cartridges as well as wildcats...I shoot a 20-250 Ackley now as well as virtually all the Wby Mag cartridges. I have a 224 Wby mag in a 60's varmintmaster...I definitely don't want to be shooting it too much, way to nice of rifle, the wood is amazing.

A .473 boltface on 308 based calibers is a little too big to start with, I was always under the understanding that opening up a 223 is the way to go, just wondering if anyone on the board had any experience doing it on a Mark V, 6 lug action.

The vanguard action (Howa) is commonly what people use for this in the Weatherby crowd...I'd like mine to be based of the American made action....
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Old 08-25-2017, 12:05 PM
17VLD 17VLD is offline
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Default I would call Greg Tannel

If it is feasible and safe he will tell it to you straight.I would think it is strong enough but Greg will know for sure,I think I would be inclined to make that gun a 223 Ackley and look for a Weatherby in 22.-250 as a donor for the .224Weatherby.Just my 02.I assume you have plenty of brass for the .224W
My buddy had a Weatherby in 22-250 he liked it a bunch,wouldn't sell it to me either
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Old 08-25-2017, 01:24 PM
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They put the 240 Wby mag in those 6 lug Mk V's so I don't see a problem with it not being strong enough but where you could run in to trouble is they have a pinned extractor and opening up the bolt face could cause problems because of the location of the pin that holds the extractor in.

A qualified gunsmith will know the answer for sure but I'm thinking the location of the extractor could be the problem.

Rem 700 bolts are the ones you always see people opening up the bolt face on because they're so easy to do and you just replace the factory extractor with a Sako or M16 style but you don't hardly ever see others that have had the bolt face opened and it's nearly always because of the extractor location.
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Old 10-13-2017, 05:28 AM
six 4 sure six 4 sure is offline
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I'll be curious how this works out for you. A few years back I had a pre-64 mod 70 that was opened up and rechambered to .222. Before selling it I considered opening it up further and rechambering to 224 wby. If the cost of brass wasn't so high I may have pursued it further. Instead I went the 223ai route with a different rifle. Also have a 22 CHeetah that played a part in the decision.

Good luck.
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