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Old 11-29-2020, 12:21 AM
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Default Lillie's first BUCK!

We hunted until 10 this morning and didn't see anything. Left and came back at 2:30. Action was slow on this full moon but this little 5 point came out at 4:30 to eat persimmons. It stopped behind the same rock she shot her doe at last month and we had to wait it out.

After what seemed like 5 minutes, it stepped out, quartering to a little. She was on my lap again and said she was on him. At the shot I thought I saw a hit but it ran and disappeared behind a big cedar. Never came out. Good sign.

We got down and I walked about 30 yards and saw the white belly. I said "whats that?" She said "I don't know?" I said "that's your buck!"

We were celebrating and I got the pack out of the stand and had the gun unloaded, propped against a tree. I look up and of course, there goes a nice 8 point running a doe right past at 40 yards. Sure would have been nice to double up but I believe ole pap, the pack mule had enough today. I am having sinus issues and am hurting. Brought in firewood yesterday and got a snootfull of dirt. Makings of a good sinus infection. Think I'll probably sleep in tomorrow. See how I feel.

Here's a shot of both of us.

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