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Originally Posted by Johnly View Post
I use a RCBS Rockchucker press, but any medium to heavy duty press will work. lube the cases with lanolin or Imperial Sizing wax and run 223 cases into your 222 FL sizer, anneal neck area(optional), then trim to length.
Back in the early 80s, we did this, It worked great ! I think I still have a few rounds left.
A Buddy got some LC brass, and we loaded a bunch in his basement.
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Originally Posted by trapperdan View Post
I agree with Bill 100%.I has formed over 10,000 rounds for 9 different rifles from 17 Spartan up 222 using LC 5.56 brass. I enjoy every aspect of it including neck turning. Winter time really sucks around here.
Try it ,you'll like it.

Maybe it's a northern thing. I live along the Texas Gulf Coast and I can find a lot of more interesting things to do with my time when its a balmy 70 degrees outside in February.

I have played with a lot of brass in my lifetiime, but it's never beaten the option of being outside in shorts and a t-shirt all day long. And I lved in Wyoming long enough when growing up to know that looking for good days to play wkith brass next to a warm fire is not my only option for the day.


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