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Old 02-15-2021, 07:16 PM
villagelightsmith villagelightsmith is offline
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Default WTB Martini 12/15 action

Just one ... more ... project, before the colors fade ...
Like the title says, I'm looking for a Martini 12/15 action. It's the heavy walled version of the little actions. Purpose: I'm hankering to build a 225 Winchester. I have the stocks, a decent barrel, the CF conversion stuff and dies. It doesn't have to be perfect; all my guns are working models. They are not something to "perzarve." They're not lookers to show off and make silly brags about. The warrantees ran out on these a long, long time ago, and now they've gotta earn their keep.
There are a lot of folks here who know more about Martinis than me, which is most of it. As with every project of this nature, I'll likely learn a few things I'll wish I'd known before I started. Gotta get moving on it; the sage rats are about to come out!
Editing here. 2/16/21, 7:00 pm Thank You, Gentlemen, for your kind words of care and advice. Chamber pressures are like blood pressure ... we gotta have some, but moderation ... moderation in all things is advised, and that advice is well taken.
Ho-Kay ... what can I screw this 225 pipe onto? Are the threads the same on anything else? Or ... is that the problem the previous owner had with the barrel? [ I'm not even going to ask. ]
I'm still looking for a Martini action to convert to CF ... possibly a Fireball or a HeBee.

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Old 02-15-2021, 07:57 PM
Chuck Miller Chuck Miller is offline
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Default Martini project

Plenty of 12/12-15's on Gunbroker, not so much on the various shooting boards. You'll pay as much for an action as a complete rifle. I'm assuming you've got the breech block conversion from rimfire to center-fire handled as well as the extractor modification. I bought a 225 Martini that had been completed. Couple observations. That action is rated at approximately 40,000 cup, the 225 struts it's stuff around 48-50,000 cup. I was shooting mine with 40gr pills and 4064, trying to keep it mild, around 45k cup. Anything faster and I was pushing cases out with a cleaning rod. So, at best extraction was iffy, loading it required COL was on the short side and speeds/accuracy were not impressive. Ended up pulling it down and building a 20 Ackley Bee. Most Martini guys will tell you too much pressure, too big for the small Martini. Most 225's are built on large frame actions.

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Old 02-16-2021, 09:11 PM
nvtoy nvtoy is offline
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Default 12/15

Hope Chuck talked you out of a 225 on a small frame Martini. I have a 12/15 Id sell but the biggest 22 Id build would be a 5.6X50 R on it. Do have a Fix Brothers FBW in 225 Win. thats Id sell that would be worlds safer and practical. Best nvtoy
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Old 02-16-2021, 10:57 PM
pertnear pertnear is offline
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I like to recommend you start with a Ruger #3 action & go from there. It should make a dandy .225 with no pressure worries. I re-barrel a no. 3 to 6.8mm SPC & fitted it with ruger #1 wood. My new favorite rifle.
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225 winchester project, wtb martini action

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