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Old 01-19-2022, 11:50 PM
Dennis22 Dennis22 is offline
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Default My new ,to me, Browning 1885 22 hornet

I was referred here from the accurate shooters forum as a perhaps better place to discuses the Browning and the 22 Hornet, so this is an updated repost from there.

I have wanted a small caliber low wall ever since Winchester came out with the 17HMR and I could have got it for $700.00 just did not want something I could not reload. I have a Sako 22-250 heavy barrel single shot so I was looking for something a lot lighter, then I saw the Browning 1885 in the 22 hornet and could not resist.

I just bought a new Christmas present for me- a browning 1885 in 22 hornet 1-16 twist

It arrived at my FFL today and I just filled out the paperwork, now the 10 day wait. Live in California.

I decided on the Browning, made in 1995 over one of the new Winchesters because of the wood. My dealer and staff were trying to figure out a way to tell me it was broken and that I would not want it.( wrong ) it does have some nice wood Ill post pictures when I pick it up

Looking to get set up for reloading, with components, as hard to find as they are I'm trying to get what I can.
My first priority is to make it go bang, then accuracy

I have ordered

PPU brass It is all I could find
I also picked up some loaded PPU 45gr ammo at my local shooting range. $40.00 per box seemed like a good deal.

Lee collet dies
4227 powder
Hornaday 40g V max and Calhoon 42 gr dbl hpl pistol
small rifle primers

It looks like I can get
Barns 40g Varmin- a tor- Barns 36g varmet grenade
Speer 46g varmet soft point flat nose Are these to long for the 1-16 twist
If I can only get one what would be your first choice

Any help or suggestions on bullets and powder or recommended loads in the Browning is appreciated.

I'll mostly be shooting paper and small steel, Bug hole groups are fun, I won't be shooting anything that i'm worried about pelt or meat damage.

do I need to crimp
would a micrometer seating die be advisable.

PS thanks to the moderators for updating my membership

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Old 01-20-2022, 01:08 AM
Flynmoose Flynmoose is offline
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You are going to love the 1885 22 Hornet! I have one and shoot it when I have a chance. One of the best pieces of loading equipment is a competition seating die. 22 Hornets are famous for fragile necks, I crushed a few until I got the competition seating die. I have not damaged a 22 Hornet neck since I got it. It aligns the bullet with the mouth of the case and that is what is needed. I bought a crimp die and used it once, no benefit in my case anyway. All of my 22 Hornets shoot 40GR Nosler Varmageddons over Lil Gun powder. I have used PPU brass and it is good. I look forward to pictures and a glowing range report!
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Old 01-20-2022, 01:20 AM
SmokinJoe SmokinJoe is offline
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Glad to see that you made it over here, Dennis. Welcome aboard.
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Old 01-20-2022, 02:09 AM
Herb in Pa Herb in Pa is offline
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And if you try Lil Gun powder try a small pistol primer............also the 36 grain Varmint grenade would not stabilize in my 1730 Anschutz which also has a 1 in 16 twist

Last edited by Herb in Pa; 01-20-2022 at 02:14 AM. Reason: added info
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Old 01-20-2022, 01:16 PM
Johnly Johnly is offline
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I'm a fan of the 40GR Nosler Varmageddons. It seems that the longer bearing area of the bullet is an advantage if the rifle has a long throat.
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Old 01-20-2022, 03:38 PM
Larry Larry is offline
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Default Hornet

Congratulations, I think youíll love your rifle.
My Browning 1885 loves 40 Noslers and LilGun. Shoots bug holes and loves prairie dogs.
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Old 01-20-2022, 04:55 PM
Rick in Oregon Rick in Oregon is offline
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Default K-Joy

Dennis, glad you arrived safely, and congratulations on that Low're going to love the little gem.

Mine got "K'd" right away, as from years of experience, I decided to eliminate case stretching and have my brass last longer. The bit of extra velocity is nice also when ground squirreling or having our way with the PD's also.

Highly recommend a comp seating die as has been suggested.

Nosler 40gr Varmageddons, A1680, and 6-1/2 primers have worked very well in mine, but she runs her very best with the old Nosler 45gr Solid Base, which I wisely laid in 3K years ago. Sad they discontinued that bullet, as it shoots very well in most all Hornets. If you shoot varmints, you'll also want to try the Barnes 30gr HP, as with the extra velocity it offers, along with a serious HP tip, it really has a 'pleasing effect' on squirrels or PD's. Either of the bullets you have access to will work, get both and shoot them. Crimp is not necessary on a single shot rifle, and your brass will thank you for not doing it.

Other than my local smith doing a trigger job, mine is all original. It's one of my favorite walkabout rat rifles for work inside 250 yards. Miroku/Browning also put nice wood on these puppies.

And compared to the ancient sloping case design of the Hornet, the K-Hornet just "looks right" least to me.

Glad to see another happy Low Wall owner, be sure to let us know how she shoots.
Rick in Oregon - The East Side, where common sense still prevails.
NRA Life, OHA, VHA, Vietnam Veterans of America
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Old 01-20-2022, 06:19 PM
Bill K Bill K is offline
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Hard to beat the K version, as you mention Rick. I always enjoy your photos.
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Old 01-20-2022, 06:45 PM
df06 df06 is offline
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Default 1885

Couple months ago I bought a Win 1885 in 22H. It has exceptional wood. And itís proven to be very accurate.
I use Win brass, Fed small pistol primers, 13.0 grains Lil Gun, and various 40 grain bullets.
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Old 01-21-2022, 12:54 AM
Daryl Daryl is offline
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13.0gr. and 13.5gr. are loads of LG I used in WW brass in the .22Hornet CZ257's I had. Excellent load, but with LG, I found using a LEE crimp die gave me SD's in the high teens, 17,18,19fps, rather than 30fps or more.
With W296 (H110), I did not need the crimp. One of he CZ's shot best with pistol primers, while the other didn't care.
16" twist Hornets, when loaded to 3,200fps will shoot the longer Nosler BT's & quite accurately to 400 or more yards. In that one, I was using RP brass which has almost a full grain capacity over WW brass and thus was running slightly heavier loads producing 3,357fps with them & 3,347fps with the other makes of 40gr. bullets.
My rifle would not shoot the 36gr. Barnes VG's at all. They didn't keyhole, but shot 4" to 6" groups at 100 meters.
The Noslers, Barnes HP Varminators, Vmax's & Sierra HP's(very tough) all shot sub 1/4" for 3-shot 100 meter groups in my CZ's with those LG loads - but only if crimped in the Lee die.
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