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George, Lee's 6 cavity moulds are only out in pistol calibres that I'm aware of. I am sure they'll 'custom' make a 6 caviy in the .20 cal design for wayyyyy too much money their cheaply made, poorly indexed aluminum moulds for you. Mulitple bullet cavities are frought with problems of consistancy, cavity to cavity.
: Their moulds are not the best as far as really great 'accuracy' is concerned, mostly due to size being a bit small for the bore's used. In .20 cal, they should be .001 to .0015 larger than the groove diameter. Once they acknowledge this and strive to produce larger bullet diameters, more accuracy mided people will use them. In the 'accuracy' game, using a Lee mould and expecting 1/2" groups would be like using Issue FMJ's in a benchrest rifle an expecting to win the Super Shoot with them.
: Many people have difficulty with cast accuracy due to sizing to groove diameter or if using a proper sized cast bullet, but not using a large enough expander button. There should be no more than .001" constriction of the case neck over the bullet's size and a slight 'bell' assists in seating. Shooting cast rifle bullets is a science in itself.
: Much help with cast bullet shooting and information thereof can be aquired at .
: On the positive side of things, for plinking or rat shooting out to 150 yards, they can shoot well enough to keep or develop one's interest in cast bullets.
; I have a Lee mould in .30 cal. that will hold 1" and a Lee .458 mould that holds 3/4", so all is not lost with them.
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