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Old 12-06-2011, 04:25 PM
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Default Powder batch differences

Dont know how to put this in the sticky post ???
Ruger 77/22H fitted with Pacnor 17A/H barrel

Case R&P primer Cci400 20gr bullet and Vhit N120 powder.

First batch of powder 10.8grns Vel 3,637ft/sec

Second batch 11.4grns Vel 3,675ft/sec

Third batch 11.0grns Vel 3,660ft/sec.

We have all read in other posts that 0.2grns can make a safe load blow up a small case gun so the 0.6grns extra in the second batch could have put me in orbit if i had used 11.4grns of the first batch.
I am one carefull re-loader now and always start my charges of this powder in this gun at 10grns and work up very slowly.
My gun will take bigger loads than the ones i use but lose out on accuracy and rabbits are very happy when a bullet misses them at 300ft/sec faster than the one that hits them.
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