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Old 02-26-2012, 02:27 PM
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Good to hear that Bob survived this incident . George , I sure hope that 3 or 4 year old reloaded Ammo is still OK , and if I ever get a chance to hit the Pdog Fields again , I will Test Fire my 4 year old 223 stuff just in case . I have heard some say that you should set the Seater 0.002 Deeper or so and run all old Ammo thru it just to break any case/bullet bonding and that this will ensure better Accuracy . I've Tested my few years old Reloaded Ammo , and Accuracy was not degraded at all at the 3 year old point . I'm also lucky in that my best Accuracy in all but one case was at least 1 Grain below published Max . I do remember one such event with a 244 and a Rem 722 when I was a kid and Reload with IMR 4350 ( maybe it was 4320 ) . Anyway I got some blow-back with the first shot , and dumped all the rest of that Powder which I think was stored where the Temperature could go up to 90 or so . I don't know how good these new Optical Acrylic Lenses are today , so I think I will swtich to my heavy duty Industrial Safety Glasses I used in work , many years ago .
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